Understand how you are doing community building.
With the canvas you will be able to map out your efforts.
We hope you will enjoy using the canvas in your work.
The community canvas is designed and developed by Norvai

Map it out

The canvas is designed to give you and your team a shared language to communicate. It is developed based on many years various experience with both doing community building and managing.
You map out each activity relevant to the box.
When you have the clear overview of your actions and purpose with each box, you will be able to design focus areas and how you can improve the community and kind of resources are needed for ensuring the success.
The canvas is divided into 4 main categories; Core, Management, People and Action.


Mission Brand Kit
A short description of the purpose for the community. Gathering all the branding resources to support the community (eg. values, guides, data, content).

Building a strong core for the community is an important aspect. There are two boxes relating to this topic. Firstly there is the Mission, and secondly the Brand Kit.


Goals Operations Finances
List of overall goals of the community in line with and supporting the stated mission. List of achievable, detailed and operational actions and activities to reach the goals. Budget and the list ofresources you need to make the community a success and viable.

The daily operations of the community and what direction is heading are all covered by the Management field.
The three areas include Goals, Operations and Finances.


Members Operators Supporters
Members are people known to your community, who are an active part of the community. The community builders who work dedicated to create experiences, activities and value for the members. Partners who are enabling the activities created by the operators, often financial support. Connecting with the mission, but can have different goals.

In any community there are multiple types of people involved. The canvas acknowledges them at the top level of each category. Our division is into three major types; Members, Operators and Supporters.


Attention Hook Maintain
What is the first impression people get of your community, and how do they discover it? How do we transform people with attention into becoming members of the community? Which activities and experiences are we giving the members in order to maintain them in the community?

When thinking about the community and how it engages with people it is important to understand that people are at various stages of involvement with the community. We focus on three various types of involvement with the purpose of moving people towards becoming members. The stages are; Attention, Hook and Maintain.

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Get the canvas

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